If You are experiencing Chronic conditions, or Multiple symptoms and you need solutions and some relief, I can help you!

I use a unique combination of Biochemical, Psycho-Emotional, and Neurological assessments and treatments combined and I specialize in life-inhibiting conditions. By working with ALL your ROOT causes, you get results faster than relying on single modalities alone.

I’ll show you how to gain more energy, look and feel your best, and restore your ability to self-heal!

Let Me Help You Identify & Balance Your

Root Causes Instead of Just Treating the Symptoms…

I give you individualized help and coach you in your recovery from burnout, fatigue, pain, migraines, digestive issues, nutritional deficiencies, and debilitating symptoms.

 I have helped people with A – Z symptoms not by micromanaging their symptoms one by one with a single modality, but by WORKING with the Whole person who has the chronic condition by identifying and treating only root causes. The Root causes may be biochemical, psycho-emotional or neurological and many times people need all Three approaches combined.

Teya Skae

Nutritional Strategist & Emotional Freedom Coach

Teya Skae

Nutritional Strategist & Emotional Freedom Coach

Now more than ever, people all over the world are experiencing low energy, digestive issues, various ‘syndromes’ and other chronic debilitating symptoms that are wreaking havoc on their overall well-being.
If this sounds like you, then I want you to know that there are permanent solutions that actually work, and I can’t wait to share them with you.
It’s all about getting to the root cause instead of just treating the symptoms.
Once this happens, everything elegantly starts to fall into place.
So now, it’s time to start imagining your life after your pain or discomfort.
What will you do with your newfound energy?
How will it feel to have a new lease on life?
There really are no limits to your happiness and fulfillment when you resolve your health issues and are no longer suffering.
I’m Teya Skae and I’ve made it my mission to help people like you to gain more energy, stop restrictive deficient dieting, look and feel your Best and live a pain free life, even if you feel like you have tried everything.

Areas Of Expertise

Teya Skae is a Kinesiologist, Biochemist, Nutritionist, Advanced Buteyko Instructor, Research, and Published Author. Being a competitive athlete for many years, Teya has experienced burnout and the multiple symptoms that result from pushing oneself at the highest level of performance. Teya offers her clients results-based outcomes to assist recovery from symptoms that have not responded to conventional treatments.

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I’m Teya Skae and I’ve made it my mission to help people like you to gain more energy, stop restrictive deficient dieting, look and feel your Best and live a pain free life, even if you feel like you have tried everything.

Just watch some of these inspiring video success stories:

Brooke Rinquest
Rene Merzinger

Lia Scallon – Grammy Award Nominee

“Going to a therapist to seek help for a problem, whatever it may be – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual – can involve a degree of trepidation! When we are vulnerable, we are looking for someone we can trust – someone who can help us access perhaps some of the most hidden aspects of ourselves, in a safe environment. Teya Skae is such a therapist. Apart from her wide ranging knowledge and many qualifications, Teya truly cares about her clients. She is a natural teacher.

Her own commitment, enthusiasm and belief in what she does, quickly rubs off on her clients who, even after one session, can find that they have become involved and excited about their own healing process. The ability to empower people in this way, I believe, is the mark of a true healer”.

Lia Scallon – Grammy Award Nominee
The Sounds of Sirius

Autumn Leigh PhD

I’ve been working with Teya for about 4 months now, and although eager to write a highly praising review of my experience so far, I’m also hesitant to share my personal story. In support of Teya, that she may be able to reach more people, and in support of anyone reading this who may benefit from her coaching as I currently am, I’ve tried to put these reservations aside.

I am a former Olympic Trial competitor in my sport. Soon after the end of my athletic career, I attended graduate school to earn a PhD in biochemistry while also competing in triathlons and coaching on the side. I studied with my academic friends, I ran with my running friends, cycled with cycling friends, and swam/coached with a competitive and private club year-round. All of these athletic endeavors would soon come to a halt. Nearing the end of studies with much enthusiasm, my health quickly changed, quite literally, overnight.

Despite a lifetime of healthy “clean” eating, I was now anxious around food. Anything I tried to consume either regurgitated or went through me undigested leaving me with much pain and internal bleeding. The symptoms would soon require regular ER visits involving dehydration support or blood transfusions. The physical and emotion pains were constant.

Trying to regain my strength and independence I spent many hours reading on nutritional sciences. I also stumbled upon primal philosophy, and began a raw meat diet. I would add in more primal variety here and there as I could tolerate. I have continued this diet for nearly ten years, still carrying anxiety around food because one bite outside of my strict, narrow eating plan, and the bleeding and pain would return.

In this time, I also met with MD’s, ND’s, PsyD’s, and alternative practitioners without any avail until recently that I’ve begun working with Teya. Her program is working. I have a lot of work to do to recover from the last ten years, but in a few months with supplements appropriate for me, I am already able to eat more variety. Also, my anxiety around food is decreasing, and I have the awareness to make appropriate food choices for myself again.

I’m grateful for my newly growing confidence that comes with understanding the problem and the solution, and I’m grateful for all of the support, guidance, and knowledge Teya has shared with me thus far. I have a lot of trust in her process, and will continue with her work.”

Autumn Leigh PhD
Biochemist USA 
 October 2019

Angela Salisko Baker

“Teya is a godsend. Slowly, I am regaining my health and vitality. Teya’s knowledge of the human body and nutrition is incredible, and exactly what I needed to find the path to wellness. I’ve seen many doctors over the years and none of them have been able to accomplish what Teya has taught me in a few months. Her integrated solutions are based on my metabolic type and the diet, minerals and hormones that make my bodywork at optimal levels. On top of this wealth of knowledge, she adds patience, understanding and tools for emotional balance. Words cannot express how deeply grateful that I am.”

Angela Salisko Baker
Barrie Ontario
January 4 2018

Alex Lobanov

“A big thanks to Teya for all she has done to put my health back on track!

After running a small business for couple of years, where I didn’t care about my life style and health. I’ve developed all sorts of problems, physical and mental. The biggest issue was my digestion and not breathing through my nose. During all these time my only hope was that some specialist will quickly help me, as we all do and for all these years I was only getting these serious medications which will hide the problem for some time at first and then not do anything at all. These lead me into other health problems, such as muscle pain, low energy, etc. I felt like I’m getting older and I’m only 25.

Thankfully I’ve met Teya, she simply explained and helped me to fix all of my problems by understanding the root cause of all of the above. Teya is a real professional, who takes it to that next level. I still can’t believe that just one year ago I had all these problems and now I’m living a happy life with my family and growing my business even better! Highly recommend everyone to see Teya!”

Alex Lobanov
January 22 2018

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