I.D.E.A.L Solutions 90-Minute ZOOM
Laser Coaching EFT Session

I.D.E.A.L Solutions
90-Minute ZOOM
Laser Coaching
EFT Session

🟥 EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a stress reduction tool. It is a powerful holistic healing technique that resolves a range of issues. It’s based on the combined principles of ancient Chinese acupuncture points and modern psychology.

🟥 Research Shows That  EFT Tapping Calms the Amygdala  Balances Our Nervous System, and Reduces Stress and Anxiety.

🟥 EFT can address a range of issues because it accesses the part of the brain that does not respond to language alone.   

🟥 EFT calms the amygdala, the deepest part of our Primitive  Brain where fight, flight or freeze response occurs. Stress is not just in our brains it is also experienced in our bodies.  For example,  feeling anxious leads to rapid breathing – hyperventilation – leads to a panic attack or diarrhea results after a bout of nervousness after delivering an important presentation. Or the mouth becomes dry from excess adrenaline released in relation to a sense of danger or “fear of judgment’ before giving a talk.

🟥 We understand the mind-body connection is real but how do we clear the stress-release programs that affect us physically?EFT can access the Amygdala part of the brain more swiftly and directly than talk therapy because it bypasses defenses and engages all 3 Brains-

1. Survival Brain ( Primitive Brain)

2. The Emotional brain  where pleasure and pain rule our choices/decisions reward center

3.  Logical  Analytical brain – Sense of Identity and Rationale

🟥 Teya uses EFT with her clients to integrate all 3 Brains so there is unison toward a specific goal. for example, giving up emotional eating is a strategy. If eating is used to suppress uncomfortable emotions, then giving up this distractive behavior is not going to happen with willpower alone.  Dealing with emotions underlying emotional eating first stops the desire to use food as a numbing/coping reward-based distraction. Trying hard to stop emotional eating fails over and over because it is used as a life-saving strategy in the survival part of the brain, and as a reward in the emotional part of the brain. whilst the logical brain is frustrated and reeling in disbelief ” I can’t believe I do this”.  This is a conflict that needs to be dissolved first.

🟥 Teya has helped people quit smoking, drinking, emotional eating, destructive behaviors, eating disorders, and chronic pain with her laser use of EFT.

World First fMRI Study of EFT on EFT page

An Initial Investigation of Neural Changes in Overweight Adults with Food Cravings after Emotional Freedom Techniques
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( Courtesy of Dr Peta Stapleton PhD)

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