Results Fat Loss

Anyone can lose weight but it does not mean it is FAT.

Q: What is weight made up of?

1. Water 2. Muscle 3. Toxins 4. Bones 5. Fat

In order to lose fat and not lose muscle tissue due to stressful dieting, your whole Biochemistry and your Nervous system needs to be balanced. In addition, food cravings, alcohol/food addictions are reprogrammed in Results Fat Loss Program. That is how you achieve successful fat loss and gain lean muscle tissue.

Case Study Cecilia Braga Fat loss without hunger/fatigue.

February 2020

1. What was the main reason you enrolled to work with IDEAL solutions Nutritional Balancing ?

Lately it’s been very hard for me to stay healthy and lose weight, I believe mainly because I have a lot of stress in my life and I couldn’t sleep very well. I tried different diets, and the last one was the Keto diet, which seemed to be really successful with some of my friends, but as a result I ended up gaining more weight and not feeling so well.

My daughter had found Teya doing some research online some time ago, she liked her approach to dealing with the different aspects of the body, etc. Her situation was different than mine, she needed to gain weight and deal with several digestive problems after a surgery. When I saw the excellent results she had and how happy she was, I decided to give it a try.

2. How did you feel before working with me? energy, sleep, weight?

I didn’t have much energy, woke up many times at night, and I couldn’t stop gaining weight. I also had difficulties concentrating at my work.

3. What 3 results/benefits/ you gained so far?

I started this way of life around February 20th, my weight was 153 lbs, and as of today June 4th I got rid of 18 lbs, and I also find that I gained muscle and bone density. I feel great, sleep better and I am never hungry.

June 2020

4. Was it hard or doable and did you learn more about your own biochemistry?

I believe it’s easy to follow this plan, because it doesn’t require a lot of food preparation, but it requires a drastic change in our habits as it limits a lot of meals which have hiding chemicals, for example. We have to learn to balance our biochemistry and understand our body a little better, and as we are all different we have to find what works better for us.

5. How is your life different how do you feel? Would you recommend my services to other busy working business owners and why?

I strongly recommend Teya as a professional but also as an extremely caring individual, she really takes time and is concerned about every single aspect of our lives.

15 December 2020 on Maintenance

December 2020 Cecilia lost 48 pounds and still losing some weight on maintenance. if you want the results Cecilia achieved you need to do what Cecilia did, enroll in Results Fat Loss.





Case study of Ildiko Scott Personal Trainer New York

I find Teya in a carnivore facebook group. I was on the Carnivore diet which I have enjoyed and loved a lot , my goal was to lose some body fat and get rid of my tired, heavy legs that I developed during the keto diet for reasons I wasn’t aware. I thought the Carnivore diet will help as it did for so many people but unfortunately the opposite happened in my case, my weight was going up really quickly and legs were getting more and more tired, so I realized that something was really wrong with my body. When I found Teya she advised me to add some carbs 100-150 g back to my diet, since I had a really active life, working out regularly in the past 10 years and walking 8-10 miles 6 days a week due to my job. Had a hair mineral analysis test and turns out I am a very slow oxidizer, my thyroid and adrenals are very slow and have hypothyroidism as well. Two months later the improvement is undeniable, my body temperature is up from 95.1 to 95.9-96 , legs feel better and finally see my body composition changing as well.

I tried to figure it out by myself what was going on with me but couldn’t do it. I highly recommend Teya to anyone who has health issues and doesn’t know what to do, she is very professional and knowledgeable about anything connected to health and wellness.

As of now I was working with Teya about 10 months. I had a second hair mineral analysis test and I can see great changes and improvements. My thyroid is healing, my body temperature is higher, my tired legs are history, have a lot of energy.

I gave up refined sugar and junk more then 10 years ago, but since I have tried a lot of different diets and had some better results but I still had health issues and my relationship with food still wasn’t healthy. I loved Carnivore but at the mean time I developed carbfobia, I believe. I never was crazy about sweet stuff but I really was afraid of eating any kind of carbs, thinking that it will make me hungry and then I overeat. It took me a while until gradually I could introduce and increase my carb intake, since my thyroid was getting really slow on the zero carb diet. Teya helped me a lot to improve my relationship with food, now I am not afraid on the carbs, I still am low carb and really watch what I eat , I am not worried about calories or how much or how little I eat, I trust my body and cravings when it comes to food. I eat more carbs then in the past 5 years and I didn’t put on any weight, slowly losing weight and my body looks a lot leaner. In over all I have a good relationship with food now, mentally I feel a lot better, physically feel amazing, thank to Teya Skae. I recommend her to anybody who wants to make long term changes in his/ her physical and mental health.