Success Case Studies

Some Beautiful Voices From Our Clients

Peter Molnar

Peter Molnar Project Manager in complete remission from Rheumatoid Arthritis after 2 years of debilitating pain and seeing a rheumatologist


Cecilia was doing Keto and gaining lots of weight. She also plays competitive tennis. She was also put on Cholesterol lowering medication and diagnosed with osteoporosis. Her fat loss journey was slow and steady as aggressive weight loss worsens osteoporosis. She has lost over 22 kilos, improved her sleep, and energy, and stopped taking medication whilst strengthening her bones with her metabolic blueprint.

Clare Ryan

Clare was at a crossroads not knowing what to do in her next phase of life. She left her corporate job. After our sessions, she gained clarity, and focus and made a big bold move to a new home, new business, and new life chapter.

John Karlo

John went from being sleep-deprived, and tired, experiencing bouts of anxiety and chronic neck pain, to being relaxed, energized,  and thriving.

Desiree Taylor

Desiree suffered classic adrenal fatigue due to burning the candle at both ends, fast! As a competitive hockey player for the Australian Team, she also had a corporate career. The emotional clearing sessions and coaching sessions made a huge difference in Desiree’s recovery. So much so that she gave up her career to become a health and wellness coach.

Rene Merzinger

Successful Top Performer Mortage Broker. Burnout was slowing Rene and he developed painful gout after his energy tanked. With some biochemical balancing and rewiring of the stress response, Rene can perform in the storm.

Jeff and Emily Couples Coaching

Healthy Relationships benefit from smoothing out some edges. After 11 years of being married Jeff and Emily encountered some conflicts and were stuck in not understanding each other’s love language. Upon resolving their conflict they experienced more harmony, love, respect for one another, and intimacy.

Caz Jansen

Caz, a busy Bikram yoga instructor was prescribed multiple supplements after seeing a naturopath for hot flashes. Somehow, they made her feel even worse. She went from hot, bothered & drained to cool calm, and super productive.

Brooke Rinquest

Brooke a busy mum with 4 kids also doing accounts for a family business recovered from physical and emotional burnout in the shortest possible time frame.

Domenica Maviglia

Domenica was sent home to die. Domenica home to respite. She stopped taking 4 medications & lived 4 more years to see the birth of her grand grand daughter & dance at her grandson’s wedding. RIP Domenica💖

Alana Fairchild

“I found Teya at a time in my life when I had really hit a wall with my health. I knew that I needed a new approach to nutrition and exercise that was less harsh and more effective, but I just didn’t know how to get there. Teya’s approach just resonated with me as being truthful and untouched by the craziness of more typical beliefs and practices regarding health, eating and exercise. Her guidance on nutrition and training has been such a highly important element of my personal journey over this past year. I have such gratitude for her insight and compassion. Amongst so much madness, she truly is a voice of sanity.”

Alana Fairchild
The Spiritual Singing Dancing Teacher from Australia. Published Author

Alex Lobanov

“A big thanks to Teya for all she has done to put my health back on track!

After running a small business for couple of years, where I didn’t care about my life style and health. I’ve developed all sorts of problems, physical and mental. The biggest issue was my digestion and not breathing through my nose. During all these time my only hope was that some specialist will quickly help me, as we all do and for all these years I was only getting these serious medications which will hide the problem for some time at first and then not do anything at all. These lead me into other health problems, such as muscle pain, low energy, etc. I felt like I’m getting older and I’m only 25.

Thankfully I’ve met Teya, she simply explained and helped me to fix all of my problems by understanding the root cause of all of the above. Teya is a real professional, who takes it to that next level. I still can’t believe that just one year ago I had all these problems and now I’m living a happy life with my family and growing my business even better! Highly recommend everyone to see Teya!”

Alex Lobanov
January 22 2018

Alice Leake

“Teya has helped me overcome many areas of my personal and professional life through her I.D.E.A.L ™ Solutions coaching. Initially I sought Teya for success coaching and gaining more energy as I was fatigued. I have suffered with Gluten Intolerance and lack of energy for years and through working with Teya I have a bounce in my step and am performing at my maximum potential. As a result of working with Teya I am more resilient, more productive at work and creative and I definitely have more energy. She has been a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Alice Leake
Architect  Placemaker
Village Well 

Amy Gill

I Initially I enrolled Teya as my coach for midlife issues and after 5 session I am now  more productive  and have more energy. I am clearer about my transitions and my confidence has increased and am more relaxed about the changes that are inevitable in life.  I also have the knowledge now to make positive changes to my diet which confused me before with all the information confusing itself. Teya helped me to sort out what was relevant for me now. As a health/relationship coach I found Teya very  passionate and knowledgeable and her coaching has brought about positive changes in my life as well as making the experience fun and very engaging. 

Amy Gill
Property Investor
London, UK

Angela Salisko Baker

“Teya is a godsend. Slowly, I am regaining my health and vitality. Teya’s knowledge of the human body and nutrition is incredible, and exactly what I needed to find the path to wellness. I’ve seen many doctors over the years and none of them have been able to accomplish what Teya has taught me in a few months. Her integrated solutions are based on my metabolic type and the diet, minerals and hormones that make my bodywork at optimal levels. On top of this wealth of knowledge, she adds patience, understanding and tools for emotional balance. Words cannot express how deeply grateful that I am.”

Angela Salisko Baker
Barrie Ontario
January 4 2018

Angie Fouce

“No more smoking. No more drugs. No more bulimia. 

When I finish a session with Teya I walk away feeling like I can take on the universe!

 I first went to Teya with what seemed like an almost impossible existence to fix, I was living a double life, to my friends and family I would try and portray the person I wanted to be but behind closed doors I would be tortured by the memories and constant feeling of anxiety and depression caused by a series of events. These feelings snowballed into many other issues in my life, lack of confidence, fluctuating weight and a feeling of uselessness.

 Teya has given me my life back, I now turn up for my life and am present to enjoy each and every moment. Teya has also worked with me to accept my feelings and my greatest fears; she once told me ‘in the self-acknowledgment there is a choice’. Who would’ve thought I had a choice when I was all alone in that dark space. Well no longer, Teya opened up the pathway for me to shine so bright and be a loving and accepting individual. I have regular EFT sessions with Teya as things will always pop up in life, she keeps me balanced and I’m eternally grateful. I recommend Teya to anyone for any problem great or small; she is an amazing practitioner and a wonderful person. Thank you Teya you have given me back the gift of living!”

 Angie Fouce
Sales Manager, Parforce