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Hair Mineral Analysis

A Hair Mineral Analysis is Your individual Biochemical Metabolic Blueprint.

This package includes the hair test and a Skype 60 minute-consultation with Teya to get to the Root cause of all your symptoms &  put in place nutritional solutions.

Chronic Health Conditions

Let’s get to the root cause of all of your symptoms. Instead of using standard (ineffective) protocols that don’t work, we design an individualized plan to get you looking and feeling better than you’ve ever felt before. l let you in on a secret. The reason most health protocols don’t work is they are not based on your “biochemical individuality“ and they address only one level.  The truth is there are 4 levels you need to address to get effective long-term results. Whether you want to fix your liver, improve your sleep, lose weight and overcome chronic fatigue and anxiety – your symptoms CAN be dissolved.

Buteyko Breathing

Breathing directly affects 200 Biochemical pathways in our body. The right breathing, 24/7 nose breathing can improve our overall health. The wrong breathing such as mouth breathing leads to oxygen deprivation in our brain/tissues and many health conditions follow over time.

The quickest way to tone down a stress response is with Nose Breathing. Buteyko Breathing retraining shifts our Nervous System from the Sympathetic Dominant (fight/flight mode) into Parasympathetic Nervous System (relaxed & healing state) and it calms the whole nervous system. Practised daily it helps with overall health and optimal sleep.

Results Fat Loss

What Do You do when Diets do NOT  Work? Ever wondered why it’s easy for some people to lose all the weight they need just by cutting calories here and some exercise, while others are constantly struggling to lose an inch or a pound of fat on a measly 1400 calories a day and, getting nowhere, except, utter frustration?

Did you know that the harder you try to diet the more the body fights back? Or the more you exercise the slower your metabolism becomes.

Thousands of people, who find it difficult to lose weight or keep it off,  have TWO things Not working for them.

1. They are not following their Metabolic Blueprint?

2. They have not addressed the deeper emotional issues contributing to a sluggish metabolism.

Results Fat Loss Program leaves no stones unturned when it comes to Optimising Your Metabolism and Eliminating cravings, addictions and mental roadblocks that get in the way of Successful fat loss. For more info