Success Case Studies

Some Beautiful Voices From Our Clients

Anja Papadimitriou

“Your coaching has been absolutely amazing. You clarity to bring things straight to the point is a true gift. It is like seeing a movie about what needs to happen and where the emotional wounds are. I can only recommend everyone who wants to gain insight and clarity about where they stand and how to get ahead and heal what needs to go to see you. Its an great journey and you are in the care of someone very special”. 

Anja Papadimitriou

Autumn Leigh PhD

I’ve been working with Teya for about 4 months now, and although eager to write a highly praising review of my experience so far, I’m also hesitant to share my personal story. In support of Teya, that she may be able to reach more people, and in support of anyone reading this who may benefit from her coaching as I currently am, I’ve tried to put these reservations aside.

I am a former Olympic Trial competitor in my sport. Soon after the end of my athletic career, I attended graduate school to earn a PhD in biochemistry while also competing in triathlons and coaching on the side. I studied with my academic friends, I ran with my running friends, cycled with cycling friends, and swam/coached with a competitive and private club year-round. All of these athletic endeavors would soon come to a halt. Nearing the end of studies with much enthusiasm, my health quickly changed, quite literally, overnight.

Despite a lifetime of healthy “clean” eating, I was now anxious around food. Anything I tried to consume either regurgitated or went through me undigested leaving me with much pain and internal bleeding. The symptoms would soon require regular ER visits involving dehydration support or blood transfusions. The physical and emotion pains were constant.

Trying to regain my strength and independence I spent many hours reading on nutritional sciences. I also stumbled upon primal philosophy, and began a raw meat diet. I would add in more primal variety here and there as I could tolerate. I have continued this diet for nearly ten years, still carrying anxiety around food because one bite outside of my strict, narrow eating plan, and the bleeding and pain would return.

In this time, I also met with MD’s, ND’s, PsyD’s, and alternative practitioners without any avail until recently that I’ve begun working with Teya. Her program is working. I have a lot of work to do to recover from the last ten years, but in a few months with supplements appropriate for me, I am already able to eat more variety. Also, my anxiety around food is decreasing, and I have the awareness to make appropriate food choices for myself again.

I’m grateful for my newly growing confidence that comes with understanding the problem and the solution, and I’m grateful for all of the support, guidance, and knowledge Teya has shared with me thus far. I have a lot of trust in her process, and will continue with her work.”

Autumn Leigh PhD
Biochemist USA 
 October 2019

Barbara Bryan

“My first appointment with Teya was to fix a persistent shoulder pain which hadn’t been helped with physiotherapy or by chiropractor over the previous 12 months. Teya recognised the pain as grieving, the shoulder pain was gone after the first session, and since then I have been to see Teya for nutritional advice as well as for healing past emotional wounds.
I always feel lighter, confident, happier and centered after each session and I have found the oils and remedies provided are extremely helpful. I finally “get” the fact that nurturing me is not only wonderful, it’s vital. With her advice, I have lost 7kgs over 7 weeks, with minor dietary changes.

Recently I fell heavily whilst running and badly twisted my ankle. As luck would have it, my appointment with Teya was that same afternoon and as I limped into her clinic, she worked on the ankle straight away and magically 3 days later I was dancing to Zorba the Greek on the tables!!!! There was no bruising. Amazing!

Teya, as well as being intelligent and intuitive, is caring and connected. I would recommend her to everyone for anything!!!! Her ability to listen, and interpret, what we personally hide from ourselves is a wonderful gift and I am extremely grateful for her help.” 

Barbara Bryan, 
Business Consultant
Baulkham Hills

Ben Thompson

“It was a pleasure to work with Teya over the past several months to resolve my issues with stress, I highly recommend her services. We all know that stress can be harmful to our bodies and have enough basic knowledge to understand why although sometimes we need a person with wisdom to coach us and Teya does an expert job at this! Thank you Teya”

Ben Thompson
Service Delivery Manager
Red Rock, A DXC Technology Company  2014

Bev Bergman

I’ve been professionally coached by Teya Skae, initially to increase my energy levels and manage my time more efficiently. As a busy copywriter and businesswoman, I am at the point where I must bring more of myself to my craft in order to have the impact I want in the world by speaking in public. 

I’m excited about the breakthrough I made with Teya’s unique coaching & loving guidance. I am more attuned to how I squander my energy as well as how I can renew it without the extra expensive supplements or fancy tools that only distract from our own innate resourcefulness. 

I also realized the root cause of my fears about speaking to groups, which have caused me to procrastinate on this, even though I want to do it. Teya has helped me to overcome this hurdle and this has freed up my energy about speaking. I’m so grateful for this experience and am now motivated to apply it practically the next time I speak in front of a group. I feel more confident and relaxed about speaking as I prepare for my next talk. Teya, you’ve earned my trust and respect for your craft and I look forward to the next evolution of me! Thank You,

Bev Bergman
San Diago USA

Cate Richards

“I was recommended Teya originally to work on some health issues, and given her holistic approach, she also worked with me to overcome significant obstacles that were holding me back personally and professionally. Her unique skill is the holistic approach she takes to wellness and healing, both emotional and physical. Thank you Teya.

Cate Richards
Owner / Manager
Team Bonding May, 2013